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Video captures New Mexico lawmaker pleading with police during DWI arrest

May 24, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video captures New Mexico lawmaker pleading with police during DWI arrest

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Police video shows New Mexico lawmaker Monica Youngblood pleading with cops during DWI arrest

A New Mexico lawmaker was busted on bodycam footage pleading with the officers who arrested her for DWI in the early morning hours on Sunday, maintaining to the unpersuaded cops that she “always stood up” for police in the legislature.

State Representative Monica Youngblood, 41, had bloodshot eyes when she was pulled over at a sobriety checkpoint in her BMW, KOB.com reports

In the first 10 minutes of the almost 40-minute footage released by authorities, Youngblood repeatedly complains that she is cold and asks for her jacket, despite an officer repeating himself multiple times that it was 67 degrees outside and it wasn’t “that cold.”

After an officer placed her in handcuffs, Youngblood refused to take a breath test and started to discuss her legislative endeavors on behalf of law enforcement.

“Many people tell me that you treat people of color like [expletive], and I always stood up for you,” Youngblood told the officers.

Newly released police lapel video of State Rep. Monica Youngblood reveals she tried to convince officers not to arrest her for aggravated DWI.

The Republican official also told the cops that she had supported legislation that would order the death penalty for cop killers.

She has been charged with aggravated DWI after she refused the breath test.

Youngblood has reportedly deleted her Twitter, and some local officials are calling on her to step down from her post.

Michael Hendricks, a GOP candidate for state attorney general, called in a statement for Youngblood to step aside.

“It must be clear that it does not matter who you are, no one is above the law,” Hendricks stated. “Although, everyone is entitled to due process, the fact that Representative Youngblood refused the test would intimate something to hide.”

For her part, Youngblood was remorseful for refusing to the breath test.

“As a legislator, I have always taken drinking and driving seriously,” she said in a statement. “While I regret the situation, I most definitely regret not taking the breathalyzer test. I look forward to bringing this matter to a swift conclusion.”

Youngblood was released from jail on her own recognizance — ironically, however, the woman had previously proposed a bill that would prevent aggravated DWI suspects like herself from leaving custody without posting bail.

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