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Mexican authorities capture top hitman for Juarez Cartel suspected in 21 executions in border city of Ciudad Juarez

May 31, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican authorities capture top hitman for Juarez Cartel suspected in 21 executions in border city of Ciudad Juarez

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A massive police investigation in Juarez, Mexico, resulted in the apprehension of the former head of “Los Azteca’s” cartel, turned a member of the armed cell of the Juarez Cartel, known as “’La Línea” or “The Line.”

According to Milenio, the Secretary of Public Security for Ciudad Juarez revealed an operation carried out on May 24th resulted in the arrest of Bruno Angel Rangel, also known as “El Bruno,” who at one point was the head of the “Los Azteca’s” gang before becoming a member of “La Línea.”

The move led to a split between the former allies and resulted in a turf war over the profitable street sales market. This turf war is the cause for the recent spike in cartel murders in and around Ciudad Juarez.

“El Bruno” reportedly participated in or ordered the murders of at least 21 of his former gang members as well as wounding four others.

Over 100 members of the municipal police collected intelligence during investigations of several arrests for drug seizures and murders that directly named “El Bruno” as the primary suspect for the horrific spike in cartel killings in the last month.

The top Juarez Cartel hitman known as “El Bruno” seen here after his arrest

The arrest of “El Bruno” occurred in Colonia El Barreal and led to the discovery of an arsenal of 46 high-capacity firearms, including a .50 caliber Barret rifle and four AK-47’s. “El Bruno” was reportedly going to use the guns for more killings. Investigators also seized a small amount of cocaine and marijuana.

According to officials, “El Bruno” was a hardened Azteca member who had risen through the ranks of the group. He eventually headed several criminal cells of the gang but switched his loyalty to the armed wing of the Juarez Cartel— “La Linea.”

The apprehension of “El Bruno” takes place at a time when Juarez has seen a rise in cartel killings like what was seen in 2012. Local media reported that in May of this year, there have been 91 murders recorded and the last time Juarez has seen this number in May was in 2012.

After the arrest of “El Bruno”, another five homicides were reported in Juarez.

Those include two victims slain and later identified as being Artistas Asesinos members, who tied to the Sinaloa cartel.

Both victims were securing a safe house when multiple gunmen attacked them and detectives later found meth, para-military equipment, uniforms, and ammo.

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