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13 factory workers wounded during cartel shootout near Texas border bridge

June 3, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
13 factory workers wounded during cartel shootout near Texas border bridge

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Thirteen factory workers riding a bus to work in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas were wounded after they found themselves in the midst of cartel crossfire.

The shootout erupted last week a short distance away from the border crossing that joins Reynosa with Pharr, Texas.

Two rival cells of the Gulf Cartel continue to engage in a fierce struggle throughout the streets of Reynosa for territorial control of lucrative drug trafficking routes into the U.S.

In the most recent incident, rival groups of gunmen battled outside the LG and Panasonic manufacturing facilities near one of the international bridges when the bus packed with workers was caught in the crossfire.

According to Breitbart Texas, the bus was traveling on one of the city’s main roads and failed to notice the fighting until it was too late.

13 factory workers traveling to work on a bus were wounded last week near the international bridge that connects Reynosa with Pharr, Texas

The driver attempted to avoid the gunfire at a high speed but was caught in the middle of the two groups exchanging automatic gunfire.

Of the 13 workers struck by the gunfire, two remain in serious condition.

The gun battle was just one of several shootouts that occurred last week in Reynosa.

Cartel operatives hijacked trucks, buses, and vehicles to establish roadblocks to hinder Mexican law enforcement vehicles in the process. Between those blockades, gunmen also torched a convenience store to create more chaos as part of a getaway.

The fighting expanded throughout the city where rival caravans of hitmen hunted each other and clashed with law enforcement.

Three cartel gunmen were reportedly killed in the violence.

The shootout is part of a fierce internal power struggle within the Gulf Cartel for control of Reynosa. For over a year, the violence has resulted in over 495 casualties.

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