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Report: 100 politicians assassinated in Mexico within the past year

June 7, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Report: 100 politicians assassinated in Mexico within the past year

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As the forthcoming elections in Mexico grow closer, a shocking trend persists with the government’s failure to provide the necessary security for politicians as the number of those murdered has exceeded 100.

According to Mexico City-based Etellekt,  there were 11 candidates executed each month between September and May. The report revealed that in the last three months, there were three attacks each day related to the electoral process across the country.

The most recent attack not mentioned in the report involves the case of Rodrigo Salado, a PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) candidate for alderman in the town of San Marcos in Costa Chica de Guerrero, who was killed by three gunmen who shot at the car Salado was in. They managed to flee and have not been identified.

At least 103 politicians were killed since the beginning of the electoral process and another 112 were issued threats. In 67% of the murders, the victims were attacked by gunmen who intentionally targeted them. In 16%, victims were discovered with signs of torture or other tactics of extreme violence.

Approximately 83% of the victims were killed with characteristics consistent with organized crime hits.

Between September and May, there were 313 assaults against politicians, and 44 attacks against relatives with a total of 46 family members killed. Seventy-two percent of the crimes were aimed at opposing politicians, primarily in the central and southern states of Mexico.

Preparation for the current election started last August with filing deadlines. The official start of the process occurred on September 8, 2017, with the announcement of the electoral calendar.

The election will occur on July 1st, when Mexico elects a new president, 128 senators, 500 federal deputies, and another 2,818 local officials—the largest total ballot in history.

The violence against politicians during the pre- and campaigns is attributed to an effort by cartels to control the elections. Last month, it was revealed locally that at least 1,000 federal and local candidates rescinded their applications due to fears of violence.

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