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Michigan State physicist charged with bestiality after reportedly engaging in sex acts with dog

June 9, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Michigan State physicist charged with bestiality after reportedly engaging in sex acts with dog

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A health physicist based at Michigan State University has been charged with bestiality for reportedly having sex with a Basset hound.

According to the New York Post, 51-year-old Joseph Hattey reportedly penetrated the poor dog with both his penis and his hands.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office signed a warrant for him on Monday on two counts of bestiality. He is facing up to 15 years behind bars if he is found guilty.

Authorities said they learned about the horrific sexual acts during a joint probe conducted by Ingham County Animal Control and the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office. The investigation took place between January and March.

The incidents were not carried out on MSU’s campus or with an animal owned by the school.

The pooch that he abused has been removed from harm and has been placed Animal Control’s custody.

The man has been placed on administrative suspension pending the case’s outcome.

“The university will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials on this matter,” MSU spokesperson Emily Guerrant announced in a statement, noting how they first heard about the criminal investigation in April.

“MSUPD is providing forensic support in the investigation.”

According to Hattey’s LinkedIn profile, Hattey has been employed at Michigan State since 2014.

While Guerrant said that Hattey “does not work with students, patients or animals,” the once-respected scientist did work in the school’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory — which examines “animal and public health issues” to “protect the public by ensuring the health of animals in Michigan and around the nation.”

His arrest on Monday is the latest sex scandal to hit MSU as the school proceeds to deal with the backlash from the Larry Nassar and William Strampel cases.

Back in February, Nassar was sentenced to 175 years in prison for the sexual abuse of his patients. Strampel, the school’s former dean, was taken into custody in March and was charged with felony criminal sexual conduct and neglect of duty by a public official.

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