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Diners accused of smoking marijuana inside restaurant and walking out on $420 bill

June 12, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Diners accused of smoking marijuana inside restaurant and walking out on $420 bill

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Diners accused of smoking marijuana inside a restaurant and walking out on $420 bill

Authorities in Tennessee are looking for a group of over a dozen patrons who reportedly attempted to smoke marijuana inside a restaurant before causing a scene and walking out on their $420 dinner check.

The incident took place last weekend at Frida’s Mexican Restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, according to WREG. The party of 16 came in at 10:30 pm, 30 minutes before close.

“They came last minute,” Frida’s manager Jesse Gonzalez told the station “We didn’t think anything of it.”

Gonzalez said that the group ordered some of the most expensive items on the menu: $11 margaritas and a burrito.

“The grand burritos, Frida’s special steak, steak, and shrimp,” he told WREG.

Soon after, the bartender noticed an odd odor coming from the group.

“It was one guy smoking weed. We asked him to stop. I guess he was the leader and he made a scene,” Gonzalez claimed.

Gonzalez added that the group got angry and began berating the staff.

“They started getting louder and louder, upset, yelling offenses to the server, saying come on, come on,” he added.

After the altercation, the group left the restaurant one by one. Gonzalez said one of the customers shoved a waiter in the stairwell while walking out.

Two women stayed behind to finish their drinks while disregarding wait staff. They each then, leaving behind a $420 bill.

Gonzalez said he was astounded by the walkout, but thinks it was intentional.

“Our walkouts are (because) they forgot to pay or they’ll come back next day. Major walkouts like that, that’s our first and biggest,” he added.

“You don’t think they’re gonna do that, especially on a Sunday,” he continued. “One guy got them riled up at the same time.”

Gonzalez added that he is relieved his workers were not injured but hopes the police catch those responsible.

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