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Top Sinaloa Cartel operative busted with 500 kilos of cocaine

June 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Top Sinaloa Cartel operative busted with 500 kilos of cocaine

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Mexican authorities captured a top Sinaloa Cartel operative with 500 kilos of cocaine last week in Culiacan.

At a news conference held on Friday, Pedro Guevara Pérez of the Federal Prosecutors Office revealed the apprehension of a suspect identified as José Antonio “N,” a presumed Sinaloa Cartel operator.

According to local reports, he was reportedly busted with 505 kilos of cocaine and close to a kilo of meth in the Sinaloa state capital.

Pedro Guevara Pérez indicated that José Antonio “N” was taken into custody after he was found in possession of two kilos of cocaine in a parking lot in Culiacán, by members of the Mexican military carrying out patrol activities.

Federal authorities assisted with the investigation and obtained an order from a judge to take custody of two cars registered under José Antonio “N” in the same lot where he was apprehended.

The cartel operative was busted with 500 kilos of cocaine hidden in the bed of a pickup truck

A search of one of the vehicles led to the discovery of 498 brick-shaped packages in a hidden compartment containing cocaine with a total weight of 505 kilos. Another package also contained methamphetamine weighing short of a kilo.

José Antonio “N” is currently awaiting further court proceeding pertaining to his arrest.

The state of Sinaloa has traditionally undergone increased levels of cartel-related violence and hit 1,561 murders last year. The numbers have decreased from 2011 when 1,906 were reported.

During the month of May, police recorded 94 murder and the total for the year stands at 472 as of May 31st.

Among the 94 slain, last month include a transit officer, a Navy diver who was killed in his hotel in Mazatlán, and a detective from the state attorney general’s office.

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