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Mexican border state police officer busted selling stolen drugs

June 17, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican border state police officer busted selling stolen drugs

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A police officer in Nuevo Leon, Mexico is being investigated in the nearby state of Coahuila for reportedly distributing drugs that he stole from his workplace.

Authorities in Saltillo, Coahuila, apprehended Edgar Alfonso Rodriguez Moreno, 28, on charges linked to street-level drug distribution.

During the arrest, Rodriguez displayed several police credentials from Nuevo León.

While he was being questioned, Rodriguez confessed to traveling to Saltillo to sell cocaine for $100 pesos per dose. At the time, Rodriguez had 134 packages of cocaine in his possession.

According to local reports, Rodriguez became a member of the state police force Fuerza Civil in 2013 but did not belong to any particular unit.

After his arrest, Rodriguez was immediately suspended from his position and in addition to the investigation in Coahuila, he is under an internal probe by Nuevo Leon law enforcement officials.

The Fuerza Civil police force became the subject of a string of scandals when it was unveiled that multiple members were associated with corrupt activities such as extortion, kidnapping, robbery, rape, and homicide. In 2016,

According to Breitbart Texas, an officer, Sergio de la Rosa Pulido was arrested for fatally shot another cop who declined to help him abduct, rob, and rape a woman.

After he murdered the officer, De la Rosa Pulido abducted a local woman at gunpoint to rape her.

By last year, the number of cases involving Nuevo Leon officers continued to increase, resulting in the chief of police stepping down from his position.

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