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Feds charge five suspects in fatal crash deaths of 5 migrants during human smuggling attempt in Texas

June 21, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Feds charge five suspects in fatal crash deaths of 5 migrants during human smuggling attempt in Texas

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Feds charge five suspects in fatal crash deaths of 5 migrants during alleged human smuggling attempt in Texas

The U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas on Tuesday, filed charges against five suspects reportedly implicated in a human smuggling scheme that left five undocumented migrants dead after one of their cars crashed and rolled over.

The five human smugglers could face up to life behind bars or the death penalty for their participation in the operations, according to Fox News.

Del Rio prosecutors filed charges against five suspects, including Jorge Luis Monsivais, 20, for their roles in a smuggling operation that resulted in the deaths of five migrants in a crash in Big Wells, Texas, on Sunday.

The incident took place when a Chevy Suburban rolled over multiple times after trying to flee from Border Patrol agents and Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Prosecutors indicated that Monsivais, a resident in Eagle Pass, drove the suburban and neglected to pull over for Border Patrol agents trying to conduct an immigration stop.

“While traveling on Highway 85, the driver of the Suburban crashed as he entered the town of Big Wells,” DOJ spokesman Daryl Fields said. The complaint revealed that Monsivais was traveling with 13 alleged illegal immigrants—including one minor—at the time of the collision.

Four individuals reportedly died at the scene after they were ejected from the Suburban when it rolled. Emergency personnel rushed nine people to hospitals, one of died while on the way to the hospital.

Fields added that the juvenile in the SUV was one of the individuals wounded after being ejected from the vehicle. The minor remains in the hospital. One of the seven remaining injured passengers was discharged by the hospital and was turned over to immigration officials.

The Suburban driven by Monsivais was part of a three-vehicle caravan that was smuggling illegals.

Prosecutors indicated that the other vehicle, a 2013 Tahoe, pulled over right away when a Border Patrol agent carried out the traffic stop. The other vehicle, a 2008 Tahoe, and the Suburban fled. The 2008 Tahoe originally neglected to stop when the agent tried to initiate the traffic stop. However, the driver quickly stopped and the occupants jumped out. The Suburban proceeded to flee.

Agents apprehended the driver of the 2008 Tahoe and discovered ten illegal aliens in the area. Fields indicated that the Tahoe driver was a 17-year-old.

Dimmit County officers took over the pursuit of the Suburban as it neared the town of Big Wells. Shortly after, Monsivais lost control of the car with 13 illegal immigrants, including a minor, and rolled multiple times.

In sum, the U.S. Attorney’s Office revealed that officials caught 23 undocumented immigrants in connection with this human smuggling operation.

Authorities reported that 21 of the migrants are Mexican citizens while the other two are from Honduras. Six of the illegal immigrants are being held as material witnesses.

The criminal complaint alleges that Jorge Luis Monsivais and four others were smuggling illegal immigrants and they have been charged with conspiring to transport and harbor them, leading to serious bodily injury and death. If found guilty, the five suspects could a life sentence or the death penalty.

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