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Police: Former Oklahoma cop accused of kidnapping, torturing woman while son, 10, watched

June 21, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police: Former Oklahoma cop accused of kidnapping, torturing woman while son, 10, watched

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A former police officer in Oklahoma was taken into custody this week after a woman he reportedly abducted fled from his car and called 911.

According to the Miami Herald, 32-year-old James Otterbine of El Reno, met the Miami woman on the internet about two months ago.

Otterbine and the woman maintained an online relationship for several weeks before he purchased her a plane ticket to come to Oklahoma, she told investigators.

Within a couple of weeks after her arrival, Otterbine became violent.

At one time, Otterbine duct-taped and handcuffed her to a chair during an altercation. At another, Otterbine locked her in the basement, threatening to kill her and himself.

Otterbine told authorities that his actions were “consensual,” because the woman had a preference for “rough sex.” He noted that for one of the “brutal” episodes, his 10-year-old son was there.

Last week, the woman contacted the police from inside Otterbine’s vehicle, but the call was disconnected. Officers obtained her identity through the number and contacted her family in Florida, who said she was with Otterbine.

As officers drove to Otterbine’s house, they received another call from the woman, who had managed to flee out of Otterbine’s car.

Authorities located her at a nearby bank, “battered and bruised.”

Otterbine was taken into custody and charged with kidnapping and domestic abuse in the presence of a child.

“When investigators informed me of the details this poor girl had lived through, I was mortified but elated she had survived,” Canadian County Sheriff Christ West said.

Otterbine worked at the Geary Police Department until a month or two ago, according to a dispatcher. It is not clear why he was terminated.

His bond has been set at $30,000.

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