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Armed civilians shoot dead carjacking suspect dead outside Tacoma Walmart store

June 22, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Armed civilians shoot dead carjacking suspect dead outside Tacoma Walmart store

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Two armed citizens were praised on Saturday for taking action after a carjacking suspect went on a rampage in Washington state, roughly 30 miles southwest of Tacoma.

At least one of the individuals shot the bullet that killed the unidentified suspect, who was in the parking lot of a Walmart in Tumwater, trying to seize vehicles, according to Seattle’s Q13 Fox.

One driver was injured after the suspect tried to carjack the vehicle. Additionally, a 16-year-old girl at another location also sustained unspecified injuries.

The wounded driver was airlifted to a hospital in Seattle and was listed in critical condition.

Authorities said the incident started when police received a report of an erratic driver in Tumwater.

While officers were en route, a carjacking was reportedly occurring at a local intersection, noting that the teen was injured at that location.

Cops tracked down the stolen vehicle to the Walmart parking lot, where the suspect exited the vehicle and tried to carjack a second car.

Then, two armed civilians approached the suspect and at least one of them opened fire.

Officials said the suspect shot and injured a 16-year-old girl near Tumwater High School, where a carjacking resulted in a pursuit and gunfire in the parking lot.

The civilian was the owner of the car being stolen.

Walmart shoppers reported hearing shots fired, but their accounts differed on whether the sounds came from inside or outside.

Q13 Fox later indicated that the suspect went into the store, shot at a display case, and then left, before being confronted by the armed citizens in the parking lot.

No store workers or customers were hurt inside the store.

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