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Former Mexican agents identified as hitmen in assassination of congressional candidate

July 1, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Former Mexican agents identified as hitmen in assassination of congressional candidate

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Former Mexican agents implicated in the assassination of congressional candidate Fernando Purón following a political debate

A former Mexican police officer has been identified as the gunman responsible for the slaying of a congressional candidate in Piedras Negras, Coahuila.

The former officer’s brother, a retired Mexican military officer, reportedly helped with the assassination.

New information issued by the government of Coahuila indicated that Ignacio Arambula Viveros, known as “El Pretambula,”  a former high-ranking law enforcement officer in Tabasco, is identified as the gunman who fatally shot former Piedras Negras Mayor and Congressional Candidate Fernando Purón.

Ignacio’s brother, a former officer for the Mexican Army, Erick Arambula Viveros, is believed to have also played a role in the murder.

Fernando Puron

The candidate was taking part in a debate at a university when a bearded gunman walked up and shot him while he was taking pictures.

Through the ongoing probe, Coahuila officials managed to seize several firearms and ammunition tied to the case, however, the two suspects managed to evade capture.

Local reports indicate that the brothers were identified as the suspects wanted in connection with Puron’s murder.

However, officials did not indicate their alleged roles in the crime. Along with being the former police chief in Tenisique, Tabasco, Ignacio Arambula was also associated with several cases pertaining to organized crime and abuse of power.

According to Coahuila authorities, through the use of approximately ten private and government security cameras at the university, investigators were able to identify Ignacio and Erick as the men drove around the campus hours before the debate.

The two reportedly stalked Puron until the moment he was killed. State officials have not disclosed if the Arambula brothers are part of a specific cartel or tied to some other criminal gang.

The 2018 election season has become one of the most violent in Mexico, leading to over 114 slayings since last September.

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