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Notorious French gangster makes Hollywood-style prison escape using helicopter

July 3, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Notorious French gangster makes Hollywood-style prison escape using helicopter

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Notorious French gangster Redoine Faïd escapes prison for a second time using a helicopter

An infamous French gangster broke out of prison Sunday after three heavily armed accomplices landed a helicopter in the courtyard of the jail and took off with him.

Redoine Faïd, 46, had been serving a 25-year sentence at a suburban Paris prison stemming from a failed robbery in 2010 in which a 26-year-old law enforcement officer was killed, according to the Times of London.

On Sunday, three men armed with AK-47s pulled off the daring escape by landing a helicopter in the courtyard of the Réau prison, disabling surveillance cameras before flying off with the French-Algerian criminal.

The prison break occurred in mere in minutes without injuring anyone.

Officials said the helicopter used in the escape was set ablaze and later discovered by authorities hours later.

This is the second instance in which the notorious gangster has pulled off a daring escape.

In 2013, he broke out of a different prison by taking four corrections officers hostage and using explosives concealed in tissue packets to blast his way through the prison’s gates.

Faïd was apprehended six weeks later in a hotel located outside of Paris.

Before the 2010 failed robbery that resulted in the death of a young policewoman named Aurélie Fouquet, Faïd had served ten years in prison bars for a string of burglaries. He was released on parole in 2009.

That year, he wrote a book describing growing up in Paris’s crime-ridden suburbs and beginning his life as a criminal.

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