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Mexican authorities capture top Gulf Cartel boss near the Texas Border

July 4, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican authorities capture top Gulf Cartel boss near the Texas Border

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New Intelligence sharing program results in the arrest of top Gulf Cartel leader in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Law enforcement officials in Mexico arrested one of the leading figures of the Gulf Cartel in the border state of Tamaulipas.

Officials said the drug lord has been singled out as one of the men behind the increase in violence that has overwhelmed the border city of Reynosa.

Officials the capture of Luis Miguel Mercado also known as “Flako Sierra” was the result of an operation conducted by military personnel and state police units.

According to local reports, immediately following the arrest, groups of gunmen set up narco-blockades by setting fire to public transportation buses in an attempt to prevent the transport of the cartel boss to a secure area.

Gulf Cartel boss “Flako Sierra” was the second most wanted man in the region

The capture of “Flako Sierra” is the first apprehension of a recently launched intelligence sharing initiative and international crime stoppers program involving the Tamaulipas government working in coordination with various U.S. federal law enforcement agencies.

“Flako Sierra” reportedly took complete control of the Los Metros faction of the Gulf Cartel following the capture of Luis Alberto Blanco Flores alias “Pelochas.”

Authorities say Mercado had allied himself with Miguel Angel “Miguelito” Alvarez and at one time with “Pelochas” to keep control of Reynosa.

For over a year, the faction of Los Metros has engulfed in a turf war with Petronilo Moreno alias “Panilo,” the head of a Gulf Cartel faction from Matamoros who has been deploying teams of assassins called “Escorpios” and “Ciclones” to the area in an attempt to take over Reynosa.

The fighting has resulted in over 500 casualties since the two factions went to war last year.

The violence prompted the Tamaulipas state government to recently implemented a state-based reward program offering cash rewards for information resulting in the capture of various cartel bosses.

Officials had been offering roughly $95,000 for information leading to the apprehension of “Flako Sierra.”

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