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Border Patrol: Motel room in Texas used as human smuggling stash house

July 9, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Border Patrol: Motel room in Texas used as human smuggling stash house

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Border Patrol agents working in Laredo, Texas prevented a string of human smuggling attempts in the past week.

The incidents included smugglers utilizing a tractor-trailer, furniture trucks, and even a motel room as a stash house.

Agents working at the Laredo North Station intercepted a human smuggling operation on Sunday that led to the arrest of 14 undocumented migrants and two U.S. citizens who are believed to have played a part in the smuggling.

The agents designated the tractor-trailer to a secondary inspection station after a K-9 agent signaled to the presence of drugs or human cargo.

Agents inspected the cab and discovered 14 undocumented immigrants hiding.

A search also led to the discovery of a small quantity of marijuana and a loaded firearm.

“The vigilance of the United States Border Patrol in disrupting this smuggling attempt attests to our commitment in keeping America and its communities safe,” Laredo Sector Acting Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Anthony S. Good said in a statement.

The agents took the migrants and the two U.S. citizens into custody on immigration and human smuggling charges, Breitbart Texas reported.

The 14 individuals were from Guatemala and Mexico.

In a second human smuggling attempt, agents ordered two furniture moving trucks to undergo a secondary inspection on Sunday.

The two trucks came separately to checkpoint after K-9 agents signaled to the presence of contraband.

During the investigation of the two trucks, agents discovered a total of 28 illegals hiding in the locked cargo areas. Agents learned that the passengers were from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

Both of the drivers, who were U.S. citizens, were arrested and the trucks were seized. The immigrants will be processed for immigration violations.

One day prior, agents assigned to the Laredo South Station joined the Laredo Police officers to bust a motel room in Laredo after receiving a tip about the room being used as a stash house.

When they arrived, the agents discovered eight illegal immigrants in the room.

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