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California Police tweet as murdered 11-year-old girl in attempt to solve decades-old cold case

July 11, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
California Police tweet as murdered 11-year-old girl in attempt to solve decades-old cold case

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Authorities release new sketch in cold case murder of Linda O’Keefe

A police department in Southern California has tried to evoke memories regarding a 45-year-old murder case by posting a Tweet about the crime in the voice of the 11-year-old girl who was killed.

The Newport Beach Police Department ceased all its regular Twitter content this past weekend to post a comprehensive series of tweets about 11-year-old Linda O’Keefe, who was abducted while she walked home from school in July 1973.

The blue-eyed girl’s remains were discovered the following day in a local nature preserve.

The department posted the tweets as if Linda herself was informing readers about the last hours of her life, according to ABC News.

The tweets became a moment on the social media site and have been getting widespread attention under #LindasStory.

Newport Beach police released this undated image of Linda O’Keefe in an effort to get assistance from the public to help solve her murder in Southern California in July 1973. 

Although authorities have become more reliant on Twitter and other social media sites to spread the word about essential cases or public safety information, the dozens of unusual tweets telling Linda’s story exemplifies how some departments are fully embracing the power of such social media.

The tweets started by telling users about Linda’s day at summer school, including that her mother said she couldn’t pick her up and to just walk home.

“No one is concerned when I don’t come home right away. Or not TOO concerned,” one post said. “It’s a different time in 1973, and kids roam the neighborhood on bikes for hours.”

The tweets outline how Linda’s parents and 18-year-old sister started searching for her and calling friends and family.

They also go into horrifying detail how a bicyclist discovered her body while he was looking for frogs.

“He sees something small, and pale. He sees my hand,” the tweet stated. “He screams to rouse me.”

Another tweet details how the man’s friends follow his cries and see her remains, as well.

“They don’t know who I am … or who I was,” the tweet added. “But they see a young girl’s body, in my mom’s homemade dress. I’ve been strangled.”

Along with the tweets, the department posted what they believe could be a new lead, photos of the alleged killer and what he might have looked like in 1973 and what he would resemble now — all based on DNA data used to predict his eye, skin, and hair color, along with his face shape.

In a statement, the department said the Tweets were intended to “give Linda a voice again.”

“Years have passed since this heinous murder, but the (department) remains dedicated to justice for Linda and is committed to finding her killer,” the department stated.

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