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Mexican border states join forces to track down and arrest Los Zetas cartel leader

July 11, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican border states join forces to track down and arrest Los Zetas cartel leader

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Two Mexican border states teamed up with their police forces to track down and apprehend a regional Los Zetas cartel boss who was reportedly extorting farmers in the south central portion of Tamaulipas.

Law enforcement officials say Miguel Angel Carrillo Garcia operated a cell of the Los Zetas in Xicotencatl, Tamaulipas, where he was reportedly extorting the local farming business.

Authorities in Tamaulipas secured a warrant for his arrest, but, Carrillo went into hiding in Nuevo Leon.

The two states launched communications and special investigation units with the Nuevo Leon Attorney General’s Office and tracked Carrillo to a middle-class area in the municipality of Garcia, near the Monterrey metropolitan region, according to local reports.

Officials set up a surveillance operation at Carrillo’s safe house and took him into custody as he was walking outside.

Under an extensive security detail, Nuevo Leon officials transferred Carrillo to their headquarters where detectives photographed him and conducted a series of medical exams to verify his identity.

Various groups within the Los Zetas Cartel in Tamaulipas have resorted to extorting legitimate businesses and even large national companies by demanding fees for letting them stay in their cities.

Early this year, a milk distribution center for the national milk company, LALA, in Ciudad Mante closed its doors after continued extortion by the Los Zetas. Several other large corporations reported similar attempts in Tamaulipas.

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