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Authorities: Drug traffickers beheaded autistic teen in Alabama over grandmother’s links to Sinaloa Cartel

July 16, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Authorities: Drug traffickers beheaded autistic teen in Alabama over grandmother’s links to Sinaloa Cartel

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Authorities: Drug traffickers beheaded autistic teen in Alabama after over grandmother’s links to Sinaloa Cartel

Two men are accused of beheading a teen girl who suffered from autism in Alabama and killed her grandmother over the woman’s links to the Sinaloa Cartel formerly led by “Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán.

Stacy Rutherford, an investigator with the Madison County, Alabama, Sheriff’s Office testified that 34-year-old Israel Palomino and 26-year-old Yoni Aguilar killed Oralia Mendoza, 49, and her 13-year-old autistic granddaughter Maria Lopez.

The detective said the two men executed the slayings after they grew suspicious of the grandmother because of her ties to the Sinaloa Cartel, according to AL.com.

13-year-old Mariah Lopez (right) and her grandmother Oralia Mendoza (left) were killed. (Photo courtesy of Madison County sheriff’s office)

The grandmother and the teen went with the two men and a woman to pick up a batch of meth in Norcross, Georgia.

During the trip, something went awry, and Palomino and Aguilar grew dubious of a setup by Mendoza who reportedly had links to the Sinaloa Cartel.

On June 4th, the two men woke Mendoza and Lopez and informed them that they were in danger and they would bring them somewhere safe. They got in a car and went to a cemetery in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama.

Yoni Aguilar (Madison County jail)

Mendoza and Palomino exited the vehicle and started fighting about the drug purchase, Rutherford testified about her interview with Aguilar, who admitted to the crimes.

Agular said Palomino fatally stabbed Mendoza.

Authorities allege that that Agular was Mendoza’s boyfriend.

The two men got back in the vehicle with the teen and drove to a secluded area where Palomino told Agular to murder the 13-year-old because she saw her grandmother’s murder.

Israel Palomino (Madison County jail)

She added that Agular said to her that he was afraid of Palomino.

Palomino then demanded that Agular behead the girl as he made a sawing motion with his arms.

Three days later, authorities discovered the girl’s remains and launched an investigation that was traced back to the two men after Mendoza’s mother came forward and said the headless body could be her child.

A week later, police verified the victim’s identity. At roughly the same time, authorities discovered Mendoza’s body at the cemetery.

Authorities discovered the body of Oralia Mendoza in the Moon Cemetery in Madison County (Photo courtesy Madison County sheriff’s office)

Police secured search warrants and discovered two knives under each of the suspect’s beds. Detectives also found blood in Palomino’s vehicle, according to Rutherford’s testimony.

Officials said the two men grew suspicious of a setup after they realized Mendoza had taken out a SIM card from her phone and that she was using to text to a “mystery number,” according to the Daily Mail reported.

The press outlet also indicated that along with Mendoza dating and living with Agular, she had also dated Palomino.

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