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Texas Mexican Mafia member testifies about revenge murder

July 17, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas Mexican Mafia member testifies about revenge murder

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On Wednesday, a Texas-based drug dealer and former member of the Mexican Mafia testified about killing an associate in 2016.

According to the San Antonio-Express, 53-year-old James Chapa, 53, told a San Antonio court that he and fellow Mafia associate Ignacio “Nacho” Jimenez beat and stabbed Roland Pantoja to death in August 2016 over a purported hit-and-run vehicle assault on Jimenez that took place a couple of months prior.

Jimenez sustained “serious” injuries from the incident.

Chapa informed the court that he took Pantoja behind the residence of a man named David Ortiz who wanted to “have a talk” about the hit-and-run. Ortiz spoke briefly with Pantoja before he stabbed him and forced him out of the vehicle.

Jimenez, who was standing nearby, went up to Pantoja and started stabbing him repeatedly, The San Antonio Express reported.

“Roland (Pantoja) was begging for his life,” Chapa said. “He was saying it (the hit-and-run) was an accident, and he was getting stabbed and bleeding.”

Before he died, Pantoja allegedly said, “Tell my little boy I love him.”

The three men then dumped Pantoja’s body in an isolated area of San Antonio and abandoned the vehicle in which they killed him, in a county close to the Mexican border.

Chapa added that he helped with dumping Pantoja’s remains because he didn’t want to “end up the next Roland.”

Chapa, who became a member of the Mexican Mafia back in 2000, told the court that high-ranking figures of the criminal group were in “every part of San Antonio.”

He was given immunity in exchange for testifying. Ortiz is currently awaiting trial. Jimenez faces life behind bars if he is found guilty.

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