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Idaho woman wanted for grand theft goes missing after her husband dies with fatal amounts of Benadryl in his system

July 18, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Idaho woman wanted for grand theft goes missing after her husband dies with fatal amounts of Benadryl in his system

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Laurcene (Lori) Barnes Isenberg goes missing after death of husband

Newly released documents indicate that an Idaho man who was discovered dead in a lake in March did not drown but instead had fatal amounts of Benadryl in his system.

His wife, who was being sought after on charges of grand theft, has been missing since she neglected to appear at her arraignment last month.

Laurcene (Lori) Barnes Isenberg, 64, told detectives that her husband, Larry 68-year-old Dean Isenberg, fell off their boat into Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, back in February, according to The Spokesman-Review.

His remains were discovered in March, over two weeks after his wife filed a missing person report.

The Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office detected fatal levels of Benadryl in his system. The documents added that there were no “visible signs of a stroke and no evidence of drowning,” according to KXLY.

After Lori Isenberg arrived back at the shore and spoke to police after her husband fell into the lake, they saw that she had a bloody nose. ]]She told officers that her husband was not feeling well at the time, which may have caused him to fall.

She added that he looked “awful” and “gray” before his fall.

Larry Dean Isenberg was found dead in a lake in March and his wife Laurcene “Lori” Barnes Isenberg has been missing. (Facebook)

However, friends and doctors told authorities that Larry seemed to be in good health. Police discovered texts from Larry’s phone to his daughters that said he was not feeling well and thinks he had a stroke.

However, his friends told detectives that Larry never used emojis, which were included in the messages.

Family and friends also told police that the couple’s marriage seemed “perfect” but they did argue over Lori’s “constant enabling and giving of money to help her daughter,” Michael Holmes, a friend, told authorities.

The two were married in 2004. Larry had two children from a former marriage while Lori had six.

The same day Lori Isenberg’s husband disappeared, the Coeur d’Alene Press published a story on why she no longer worked at the North Idaho Housing Coalition where she worked as the director.

An internal audit was launched after she was accused of stealing from the nonprofit group.

In February, she was “arrested on 40 counts of forgery and one count of grand theft for embezzling a half-million dollars” from the nonprofit organization.

She was released from custody on a $75,000 bond. She has not been charged in connection with her husband’s death, and she failed to show up for her arraignment in May. A $500,000 warrant for her arrest was established.

She reportedly forged signatures on checks and purchased items for herself with the company’s credit card.

In January, the family’s will had written revisions on it which included a section that “reallocated Larry’s estate so each child received 12.5%,” The Spokesman-Review said.

A warrant from the Spokane Sheriff’s Office stated that police were looking for “evidence for crimes including murder, delay in reporting a death with intent to prevent the discovery of the manner of death, grand theft and criminal conspiracy.”

The sheriff’s office also filed warrants for the phones that belonged to two of Lori’s daughters, Jessica Barnes and Amber Hosking.

The two were being probed for “conspiracy to commit theft and conspiracy to murder in the first degree.”

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