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Cops: Tennessee man ditched date, robbed her car to take out her godsister

July 22, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Cops: Tennessee man ditched date, robbed her car to take out her godsister

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Cops: Tennessee man ditched his date, then robbed her car to take out her godsister

A Tennessee man who was planning a romantic date last weekend with a woman instead abandoned his date, stole her car and used it to pick up another female — who happened to be the original date’s godsister.

Last Sunday morning, 21-year-old Kelton Griffin was taken into custody at a drive-in movie theater in Memphis, where Griffin had been on his second date of the day, according to FOX13.

Griffin’s dating disaster started when he went over to a woman’s home to bring her out on a date. The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, agreed to let Griffin drive her vehicle because she didn’t know where the man was taking her.

The genius “Romeo” drove the woman to a gas station, where she went inside to purchase cigars — giving Griffin enough time to drive off with her car, the arrest affidavit revealed.

The woman tried to call Griffin multiple times, but he did not pick up. Griffin reportedly blocked her number and blocked her on social media so she couldn’t get in contact with him.

She then called her family to tell them Griffin left her at the gas station and took her car. However, she suddenly realized another way to track down Griffin.

The woman received a text from her godsister that said Griffin asked her on a date and was driving to her grandmother’s house to pick her up. She also sent the woman a message from the theater.

Soon after, police arrived to arrest Griffin while on his date. He has been charged with property theft.

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