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Feds indict eight MS-13 gang members in Texas for violent attacks against rivals

July 23, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Feds indict eight MS-13 gang members  in Texas for violent attacks against rivals

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Federal officials in Dallas have indicted eight MS-13 gangsters in the U.S. illegally who used machetes and other weapons to carry out a series of violent attacks against rival members in North Texas last year.

On Friday, U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said that the gang is one of the largest in the U.S. and referred to their methods as cold, calculating, and ruthless, NBC5 reported.

A primary rule of the group is that members must attack and murder rivals.

“Their trademark is violence,” Cox said at a press conference in Dallas. “They are required to commit acts of violence to be involved with the gang and to participate as members.”

As of Friday morning, seven people were in custody.

Top Row, L-R: Jerson Gutierrez-Ramos, 20; Rolan Ivan Hernandez-Fuentes, 25; Jonathan Alexander Baires, 20; Kevin Cruz, 19. Bottom Row, L-R: Manuel Amaya-Alvarez, 21; Jose Armando Saravia-Romero, 19. Not pictured: Cristian Wilfredo Cabrera-Cruz, 26. Photo: NBC5 News

The suspects include; Rolan Ivan Hernandez-Fuentes, 25; Jerson Gutierrez-Ramos, 20; Jose Armando Saravia-Romero, 19; Kevin Cruz, 19; Cristian Wilfredo Cabrera-Cruz, 26; Manuel Amaya-Alvarez, 21; and Jonathan Alexander Baires, 20.

Cox noted that an eighth person, whose identity has not been revealed, is on the lam. The 18-count indictment includes charges of attempted murder in aid of racketeering and assault with a weapon in aid of racketeering.

Katherine Greer, a Homeland Security deputy special agent in charge of, said that the gangsters are in the United States illegally, and are mostly citizens of El Salvador.

President Trump has singled out the gang as a threat to the U.S., provoking criticism when he referred to its members as “animals.”

MS-13 gang members carried out at least six attacks in Dallas and Irving in 2017, according to a news release from the Department of Justice. It noted that a sledgehammer was used in one assault, while a metal bat was used in another.

The gang was established in the U.S. in the 1980s by Salvadoran immigrants and has sunk roots in the country.

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