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Florida woman charged with extortion of married man who left phone at bar

July 24, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Florida woman charged with extortion of married man who left phone at bar

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Florida woman charged with extortion of married man who left his phone at a sports bar

A Florida woman attempted to extort $500 from a married man who left his phone at a bar by threatening to call his wife and tell her that he cheated on her.

According to WPLG, 22-year-old Briyana Andrea Valls is facing grand theft and extortion charges after authorities in Davie say she targeted a man who went with friends to Big Dawgs Sports Bar in Pembroke Pines last week.

Authorities said the victim had several drinks at the bar and then left his phone on a table for a short time.

A few hours later, while back at his home, the man began receiving several texts from an unknown number, demanding that he give her $300 via a mobile payment service to an account belonging to a woman named Briyana Valls.

The man was threatened in another message that his wife would be told he was cheating on her if he didn’t give her the cash.

“This gentleman didn’t have any idea who this girl was,” Sergeant Mark Leone said.

Confused as to who was sending the texts, the victim called the police the next morning and provided the incriminating messages to investigators.

Detectives then carried out a controlled call between the man and Valls, who then increase the ante by demanding $500 instead of her initial price.

Valls told him to withdraw the money from his bank and send her a picture of him holding the cash. She also provided the victim with an address where he could drop off the money.

The woman claimed that she had a picture of herself and the man at the bar together and threatened that she would send it to his wife if he didn’t listen to her demands.

The man met Valls Wednesday at the specified address, where he gave her an envelope of $500 before she was taken into custody.

Once arrested, Valls admitted she had been lying about the picture of herself at the bar with the man and confessed that she planned the extortion scheme to help pay for her brother’s medical expenses.

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