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Video captures wild melee between McDonald’s employee and female customer

July 27, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Video captures wild melee between McDonald’s employee and female customer

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Viral video capture moment brawl erupts between Sabrinah Fontelar and McDonald’s employee Erika Chavolla

A viral video captured the moment a wild melee erupted between a McDonald’s employee and a female customer in Las Vegas.

The footage shows the female customer identified as 24-year-old Sabrinah Fontelar getting battered by a McDonald’s employee, identified as Erika Chavolla.

According to witnesses, the fight erupted after Fontelar shouted insults and hurled a milkshake at Chavolla because she prevented her from trying to fill a water cup with free soda.

The footage shows Fontelar also exchanging haymakers with a second employee, who attempted to subdue her.

Fontelar boasted on Instagram that she was the customer in the video and posted screenshots of the altercation, according to the Daily Mail.

Additionally, Fontelar revealed she was charged with battery over the fight.

Erika Chavolla (right) was working at a Las Vegas McDonalds when she got into an altercation with Sabrinah Fontelar (left)

Meanwhile, Chavolla who still has her job at McDonald’s expressed her surprise how the video went viral.

“That s**t was crazy, it went everywhere,’ Chavolla said in a video posted on Thursday.

Chavolla added that she had also seen some of the negative comments about her size: ‘I’ve seen all the mean stuff they posting, I wasn’t even going to hit her. When there’s a big girl coming towards her, she started freaking out.”

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