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Georgia mom let 2-year-old starve to death while dancing at club for cash

July 28, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Georgia mom let 2-year-old starve to death while dancing at club for cash

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Police in Georgia arrest Devin Moon for starving death of her 2-year-old child

Georgia authorities say a mother allowed her 2-year-old child starve to death while she danced for cash at a club.

The woman was reportedly neglecting the little girl “on a regular basis” — for up to 10-12 hours each night, police revealed Thursday.

“Detectives found that she had been leaving the child to go work overnight shifts,” Gwinnett County Police Sergeant Jake Smith revealed. “So the [child] was left at home alone for 10-12 hours most nights.”

Investigators allege that 29-year-old Devin Moon let her daughter Reygan starve to death at their home in Lilburn while she worked at a local club, WFMY reported.

The child weighed only 14 pounds when she died.

“[The cause] was neglect,” authorities announced in a press release.

Moon was reportedly working as a dancer, though it’s not clear what type of dancing she was doing.

Police were dispatched to her residence on Tuesday after she dialed 911 and said the child was “unresponsive” and “cold to the touch.” The 2-year-old — who was going to turn three next month — was dead when officers arrived.

“Detectives interviewed [Moon] who reported that Reygan was born with medical issues which prevented Reygan from gaining weight,” police said.

She was not taken into custody until Thursday after an autopsy indicated that the cause of death was neglect due to malnutrition.

“No medical issues were discovered which would have led to Reygan’s death,” police added.

Moon faces charges of child cruelty and felony murder. She remains in custody without bond.

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