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1169 vehicles stolen in six months resulting from cartel turf war in Mexican border state

July 29, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
1169 vehicles stolen in six months resulting from cartel turf war in Mexican border state

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The continuing war between two rival gangs of the Gulf Cartel for control of the Mexican city of Reynosa has elicited chaos as operatives established blockades and robbed vehicles at gunpoint as part of their tactics.

The number of gun battles has led to a sharp rise in carjackings and stolen vehicles.

Since the beginning of the year, Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (PGR) registered 1169 stolen cars in Reynosa. Seventy percent of those have been taken “with violence” or carjacked. According to reports, most of the stolen vehicles are used in firefights as either troop carriers or are used as blockades.

Last week, a string of shootings between the Los Metros faction and rival Gulf cartel groups from the border city of Matamoros began in the Ramon Perez area. The battles soon expanded to other areas.

Since last year, the two groups have been battling for control of Reynosa and its profitable drug and human smuggling territories in violence has resulted in over 500 slayings during that time.

Soon after the violence began, more gunmen began arriving causing a series of rolling gun battles that reached other neighborhoods. To keep police away, cartel operatives carjacked buses, trucks, and car to establish roadblocks along the main roads in the city.

The gun battle concluded in the Las Anacuas rural area just outside of Reynosa, near the town dump. In that area, police discovered two burned out SUVs and three bodies.

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