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Feds: Family forced autistic relative to eat her mom’s ashes

July 31, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Feds: Family forced autistic relative to eat her mom’s ashes Raylaine Knope, Terry Knope II and Bridget Lambert Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office

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Federal prosecutors say a Louisiana family indicted for human trafficking held an autistic family member in captivity for close to 11 months in a cage in their backyard and subjected the victim to horrific abuse, including forcing her to eat her mother’s ashes mixed with milk.

Officials with the Department of Justice officials revealed last week that a federal grand jury in New Orleans issued a six-count human trafficking and hate crime indictment associated with the vile and disturbing abuse endured by the 22-year-old woman — identified as D.P. — in Amite.

Details of the horrific accusations were described in an indictment obtained by the Times-Picayune, including allegations that the five family members shot the woman with a BB gun and covered her in feces and urine.

Taylor KnopeTangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office

Federal prosecutors also claim that the woman’s family members made her eat her mother’s ashes from a bowl after mixing them with milk.

They also forced her to take meth and prescription painkillers under the threat of being reported to authorities if she stopped abiding by the family’s orders to work at the home without being compensated.

The abuse started back in 2015, one day after the victim’s brother died, and continued until June 2016. The family members charged were identified as Raylaine Knope, 42; Terry Knope II, 45; Jody Lambert, 23; Taylor Knope, 20; and Bridget Lambert, 21, who was charged separately for participating in the forced-labor conspiracy.

It’s not clear how the victim is related to the family, who moved from a residence in Kentwood they shared with the woman’s late mother to a mobile home in Amite in 2015.

Jody Lambert (Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office)

Federal prosecutors also believe that the family took extreme measures to make sure the victim didn’t try to flee, including death threats and keeping her in a cage with no electricity or water.

The suspects also forced her to make sexual advances to several men as part of a sex trafficking plot.

During one purported incident, prosecutors revealed that Terry Knope and Jody Lambert poured a bucket of human waste onto the woman, leaving her entire body doused. She then began shrieking as Jody Lambert laughed.

The woman’s relatives were taken into custody in June 2016 after authorities received calls about a caged woman in the area.

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