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Video: Gunmen attempt armed robbery of jewelry store in Texas border city

August 5, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video: Gunmen attempt armed robbery of jewelry store in Texas border city

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A group of gunmen in Texas attempt an armed robbery of a jewelry store in the border city of McAllen by holding a police officer and several customers at gunpoint.

Although no shots were fired, the armed robbery elicited panic among residents as various social media users and reporters stated that the incident was an active shooter situation.

The robbery occurred at La Plaza Mall just after noon when seven men walked into a jewelry store, McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez told Valley Central.

Rodriguez added that the case was a robbery and not an active shooter situation, as was originally reported.

He said that the sound of glass display cases being shattered by the suspects was mistaken for gunshots. It is not clear if the weapons used by the robbers were real guns or not.

Surveillance footage from the robbery that was widely shared on social media showed the moment when the gunmen raced into the store and pointed a gun at the head of an off-duty McAllen officer who was working security.

One suspect ordered the officer to kneel while he points his gun at him and several customers.

A customer was seen embracing a woman and child while getting in front of them to protect them. The shoppers then snuck out of the store after the gunman turned his head.

Seconds later, a police officer rushes into the store pointing his firearm at the suspect. Two men who appear to be plain-clothes cops rush in to help apprehend the gunmen.

Law enforcement officials said seven suspects were taken into custody and no injuries were reported.

Despite the immediate response by several law enforcement agencies, the incident went viral as various social media users and even local reporters warned residents to avoid the area because of an active shooter.

A local constables office whose jurisdiction does not include McAllen and did not respond to the scene also disseminated reports on social media of an active shooter leading to additional panic.

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