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NYC teacher accused of performing oral sex on student pleads guilty

August 11, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
NYC teacher accused of performing oral sex on student pleads guilty

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A public school teacher in the Bronx, New York confessed that she engaged in oral sex with a 14-year-old boy on “multiple occasions and locations” — but will not have to serve prison time or turn in her teaching certification.

Dori Myers, 29, a social studies educator at The New School for Leadership and the Arts in Kingsbridge, entered a guilty plea to engaging in a criminal sex act — a D felony ordering her to register as a sex offender.

Myers, who is married to a Rockland County sheriff’s officer, pleaded guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, a day before scheduled — thus allowing her to avoid the glare of the press.

Prosecutors asked that Justice Michael Orbus sentence Myers to two years behind bars and order that she turn her New York state teaching license, The New York Post reported.

Instead, Orbus agreed to give her ten years’ probation.

Defense attorney Andrew Stoll said Myers will be terminated by the Department of Education, but asked the judge not to make her surrender her license.

“There is a possibility that she could teach adults and we want to preserve that possibility,” Stoll stated. “She is a talented teacher, and I don’t see any reason to destroy her ability to make a living and to contribute to society positively.”

The judge relented, but noted, “This would be a matter that any licensing agency will be able to consider, if they choose to, and of course any employer.” The state Education Department typically examines such cases to decide whether to revoke an educator’s certification.

Orbus added, “I want to make the record clear that Ms. Myers is aware that she must register as a sex offender.”

Authorities heard about Myers’ behavior after the boy — believed to be one of her students — told a classmate, who then informed a school administrator.

Myers was arrested back in January and pleaded not guilty. At the time, Stoll said that the woman is “a model citizen who looks forward to clearing her name.”

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