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Drug War on the Border: Hit on drug boss unleashes murder wave with 26 people killed in 24 hours in Ciudad Juárez

August 12, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Drug War on the Border: Hit on drug boss unleashes murder wave with 26 people killed in 24 hours in Ciudad Juárez

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A gang hit in a Chihuahua state prison meant to target a high ranking cartel operative is believed to have resulted in a surge of violence that killed 26 people over the course of 24-hours last week in the Ciudad Juárez border region.

Eleven of those victims were individuals found at a home Ciudad Juárez.

Law enforcement officials say, Juan Arturo Padilla, also known as “El Genio” who was the presumed second in command of the Juárez Cartel enforcer group known as Los Aztecas, was executed inside the state prison on August 2nd.

According to local reports, the conflict erupted after incarcerated hitmen murdered the Los Aztecas leader.

“El Genio” or “The Genius” was apprehended in Michoacán early last month and was transferred to the Chihuahua state prison on murder charges.

However, sources cited by media outlets in Mexico indicate Padilla was targeted for death for providing information on the cartel’s illicit operations to the FBI.

The drug capo’s execution elicited a wave of drug-related homicides throughout Ciudad Juárez.

Reports indicate Padilla was providing information to the FBI about the way the Juarez Cartel and his own group operated. (Mexican Attorney General’s Office)

In the most horrific series of murders, police were dispatched to a second story home in Colonia Pradera de Los Oasis where they made the terrible discovery of 11 people who were violently tortured in what is believed to be a safe house where cocaine and meth were sold.

Authorities say the victims including eight men and three females were either strangled or suffocated. The women were also sexually assaulted.

Last week, Chihuahua state authorities arrested eight purported Los Aztecas hitmen in connection with the brutal executions.

The shocking intensification of violence in Ciudad Juárez is linked to the resurgence of the Juárez Cartel or “El Nuevo Cartel de Juárez” and a recent split of a key figure of Los Aztecas, who aligned himself with La Línea, a paramilitary wing of the Juárez Cartel.

Los Aztecas, which also goes by the name Barrio Aztecas, work in the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez Metropolitan Border Area by carrying out hits for the Juárez Cartel along with extortion, abductions, and street-level drug distribution.

The group is also in the midst of an internal dispute between the Los Aztecas and a second faction loyal to René Gerardo Garza Santana, aka “El 300,” the leader of La Línea.

The split between the former allies sparked a deadly turf war between the two groups.

Officials say La Línea and the aligned Barrio Azteca faction are currently working to eliminate the Los Aztecas group.


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