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Mexican Marines rescue businessman kidnapped by cartel: Video

August 17, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican Marines rescue businessman kidnapped by cartel: Video

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Mexican Marines executed a large-scale rescue mission where they managed to successfully save a local businessperson and political operative who was abducted by drug cartel operatives in the southern state of Michoacán.

The gunmen held the victim for over 12 days and demanded more than $500,000 for his safe release.

The kidnapping occurred late last month when gunmen with Los Viagras abducted Joel Argueta Pizaña, who owns gas stations and is a leader of the political party Morena, in Contepec.

The victim was taken to a stash house in the mountains while the gang demanded a ransom from his family. If those requirements were not met, Argueta Pizaña’s remains would be sent home to his loved ones.

According to reports, the victim’s relatives contacted state and federal officials who started to try to track down the kidnappers.

After several days, detectives discovered a hideout near the town of Senguio and executed a large-scale rescue operation with commandos with a Mexican Marines specialized regiment.

Law enforcement officials managed to arrest ten gunmen from Los Viagras who worked under a kingpin known as “El Tanque.”

The drug lord is the right-hand man to Rodolfo “La Teresa” Sierra Santana. The victim was tied up inside a hut.

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