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Google Maps captures human smuggling operation in progress

August 18, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Google Maps captures human smuggling operation in progress

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Satellite photos available on Google Maps captured a human smuggling operation sneaking nearly two dozen immigrants into Texas from Mexico

The images were taken in a location directly north of the Rio Grande near the Anzalduas Bridge–also known as Rincon Village.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials say the area is considered a busy corridor employed by the Gulf Cartel to illegally smuggle individuals from Central America into Texas.

Last week, Rio Grande Valley U.S. Border Patrol Sector Chief Manuel Padilla indicated that his agents detained a total of 680 migrants attempting to illegally enter the U.S. in a single day.

The individuals snuck into the United States illegally with almost half of those captured were family members and unaccompanied children, according to Breitbart Texas.

Rincon Village is an area utilized by human smugglers to exploit the current known as “catch and release” where individuals are processed and then are freed until their court appearance.

Human smugglers tell immigrants to travel north until they encounter Border Patrol agents and then present their documents for processing.

Migrants who were previously captured are transported using other routes further west in Starr County where the lack of fencing and other barriers make it easier to evade detection.

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