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New cartel announces arrival in strife-ridden Mexican state of Guerrero

August 20, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
New cartel announces arrival in strife-ridden Mexican state of Guerrero

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A new drug gang that refers to itself as the “Cartel De la Sierra” announced its presence in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero by executing members of their rival, Los Viagras Cartel, from the neighboring state of Michoacan.

The new group is the latest of several organizations battling for control over the once peaceful, tourist-friendly destination.

According to reports, the Cartel Del La Sierra (CDS) surfaced last weekend by executing a series of violent raids, abductions, and killings in Campo de Aviacion, Guerrero.

The first assault occurred at a local bar when roughly 13 hitmen drove up in five SUVs and took seven people hostage.

The new group announced its arrival last week in the strife-ridden Mexican state of Guerrero by executing members of a rival cartel

Witnesses described the shooters as wearing body armor with a Mexican flag and CDS insignia.

The assailants were also armed with various high-powered assault weapons and grenades.

Witnesses told police that when the gunmen entered, they identified themselves as part of CDS and started to ask about members of Los Viagras or La Nueva Familia Michoacana.

The gunmen abducted the hostages and fled the area.

Two days after those kidnappings, investigators discovered four severed heads and their corresponding corpses wrapped in trash bags.

The victims were discovered two days after their abduction

Soon after, law enforcement officials found the bodies of three other victims who were tortured before being killed.

The seven bodies are believed to be the men kidnapped from the bar. Nearby, the gunmen left various posters with threats made at Los Viagras and other gangs.

Guerrero continues to suffer from increasing levels of violence that killed 22 police officers so far this year.

Rival groups are battling for the state’s drug production territories in the mountainous areas and shipping ports joining to Central and South America.

Last year, some morgues in the state shut down after not being able to keep up with incoming bodies.

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