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Mexican authorities seize 50 tons of meth during raid on Sinaloa Cartel drug lab

August 21, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican authorities seize 50 tons of meth during raid on Sinaloa Cartel drug lab Photo; SEMAR

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Mexican law enforcement officials revealed the seizure of 50 tons of meth during a drug lab raid carried out on August 16th by the Mexican Navy in the state of Sinaloa.

The raid took place at roughly 8 a.m. in the municipality of Alcoyonqui. The area is located in the mountainous region about 30 kilos (18 miles) from the state capital of Culiacan.

Officials discovered the drugs after intelligence was collected that led Navy personnel to the rural community in search of a purported drug lab.

Once authorities arrived, detectives gathered operational intelligence by examining satellite maps of the area and using tracking methods of foot and vehicle traffic leading to drug lab which was concealed in an area of dense vegetation, a Navy Commander at the scene reported.

After agent found the first lab, further probe led to the discovery of two other complexes which included underground storage departments, according to Proceso.

The Mexican Navy Commander also revealed that during the search for the lab, detectives relied on tracking the distinct odor emitted by the active meth lab which can was recognized at a distance of up to 400 meters (approximately ¼ mile) away.

Roughly seven tons of meth, or “crystal” as it’s known in Mexico, was discovered in the first complex.

Authorities uncovered another 40 tons of meth in a solid and liquid form in large drums and sacks along with precursor chemicals at the other sites.

The Navy commander at the scene also indicated that the drug lab belonged to the Sinaloa Cartel. After documenting, photographing, and weighing the drugs, it was destroyed. Even though the complex was equipped with several huts to house up to 30 individuals, no arrests have been made in the case.

Breitbart Texas reported that the Sinaloa Cartel has increased its production of meth and opioid-based products to offset any cash flow losses due to the legalization of marijuana in the U.S.

A majority of the record-breaking violence seen in Mexico has been due to the turf wars for the street level drug market for meth or “cristal.”

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