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Teen charged in scary bridge push caught on video

August 23, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Teen charged in scary bridge push caught on video

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Taylor Smith charged with pushing teen off a bridge in Washington State

The teen who propelled her friend off of a 60-foot bridge in Washington State – causing the girl to sustain a punctured lung, five shattered ribs, and a damaged esophagus – has been charged with reckless endangerment.

Clark County prosecutors announced charges against Taylor Smith, 18, on Friday, declaring she “created a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury” when she pushed 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson near Moulton Falls on August 7th.

Holgerson wants her former friend to be behind bars for the prank.

“I wanted Taylor to be put away so that she can think about what she did,” she said to CBS17.

Holgerson, who said the pair had been friends for roughly a year before their relationship turned sour, wants Smith to pay for her hospital bills, and said she would think about suing for damages, “If it gets to that point,” she said.

Footage of the treacherous descent went viral and shows friends egging Holgerson on as she anxiously thought about jumping.

“No I won’t go,” she muttered. Then Smith placed her hands on Holgerson’s shoulders and shoved her off the ledge.

Holgerson is at least the second individual to be wounded after dropping off the same bridge. A 47-year-old man had to be rescued by first responders after plummeting 60-feet last July.

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