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Two Gulf cartel hitmen killed during shootout in Mexican border city of Reynosa

August 27, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Two Gulf cartel hitmen killed during shootout in Mexican border city of Reynosa

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Two Gulf Cartel hitmen were killed in the border city of Reynosa during a recent series of firefights with Tamaulipas state authorities and the Mexican military.

The violence erupted in the Fuente Lomas area when state officials were dispatched to the area after receiving reports of gunmen wandering the streets.

When police arrived, the cartel gunmen opened fire while trying to flee.

According to local reports, the shootout quickly erupted into a series of rolling gun battles where cars packed with cartel gunmen drove off in different directions to evade apprehension.

Crime scene photos show the bodies of two suspected hitmen killed during the shootout with the Mexican military

Soon after the shooting started, other cartel members started throwing road spikes along the main roads in the city to cause traffic jams and disable responding military and police vehicles.

The method proved successful when a military vehicle that was coming to provide backup was forced to pull over after getting flat tires on the highway that joins Rio Bravo with Reynosa.

The gunmen also stole busses and parked them along the streets to slow down traffic.

In the midst of the violence, a local bus was struck by stray gunfire, however, no one inside was injured.

Two gunmen were killed as they battled with military forces along one of the city’s highways. A third gunman managed to escape by carjacking a truck from a passing driver.

Before the shootouts, the city had seen an increase in carjacking incidents.

Residents attribute the trend to cartel gunmen increasing their numbers before restarting the continuing territorial war that has been occurring within the Gulf Cartel for over a year.

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