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Man claims he was threatened by drug cartel before he fatally shot man at Illinois club

August 31, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Man claims he was threatened by drug cartel before he fatally shot man at Illinois club

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A man claimed that he was threatened by a drug cartel and feared for his life when he shot and killed a man at a club in Aurora, Illinois.

Alfredo Soto testified on the fourth day of his murder trial last week in Kane County court. He is accused of the lethal shooting of Martiniano Alvarez at the Latin American Club in August 2016.

Soto said he divorced his wife in 2014 and was using cocaine until December 2015, when he stopped.

According to the Chicago Tribune, at least five individuals approached him at the Latin American Club asking him to distribute cocaine after he stopped doing it, noting that the offers were usually during run-ins with in the bathroom.

Soto said he never accepted the offers because he wanted to “straighten his life.” Later, Soto claimed that he was attacked at 10 p.m. on February 26th, 2016, in the parking lot of the club. He said he was going back to his truck when a dark SUV drove up behind him, and two men hopped out. Soto said he couldn’t recognize the assailants because it was dark.

One of the men hit Soto on the side of his knee with a golf club, causing him to fall to the ground, and then he was struck a few times in the back. Another man then kicked him and broke his nose.

Before leaving, one of the men said: “Next time, you’ll be gone for good,” Soto claimed.

He never contacted the authorities or went to the hospital, alleging that he was confused and afraid after receiving the death threat. Soto said the only reason he could think he was targeted was because he refused to sell the drugs.

Soto said he purchased a firearm to protect himself because he felt threatened.

When the shooting took place, Soto said he went to the Latin American Club at approximately 1 p.m. He said he was talking to people he knew and was playing a game of pool when Alvarez — whom he’d never seen before — came into the bar and sat down.

Alvarez reportedly said that he had a message from the cartel and said to him in Spanish that he was there to murder him. Soto said that he was never a member of any cartels.

Soto said he left the conversation and that later Alvarez sat down next to Soto, Miguel Rodriguez, and Domingo Anya. The men all reportedly shook hands.

“He’s threatened to kill you in the corner, but you are shaking and giving him a fist bump?” Kane County Assistant State’s Attorney Lori Anderson asked the man in court. “You bought him a round of drinks?” Soto replied that he did.

Soto testified that he overheard Alvarez boasting to Anya and Rodriguez about hurting someone with a rope. Soto said he didn’t leave because he was worried someone would be waiting for him outside.

Both Anya and Rodriguez testified that the conversation they had with Alvarez and Soto was normal and there no threats were made.

Soto testified that he went to leave the bar and stopped to see if anyone was outside. He claimed Alvarez stood up, started walking towards him and shouted “stop” in Spanish. That is when Soto said he pulled out a gun and shot Alvarez four times.

The trial is continuing.

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