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Suspect charged with strangling death of Playboy model in her Philadelphia apartment

September 2, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Suspect charged with strangling death of Playboy model in her Philadelphia apartment

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Police charge suspect with murdering Playboy model Christina Carlin-Kraft who was found strangled to death in her Philadelphia apartment

A man who was recently freed from prison was taken into custody Wednesday for his role in the strangulation and killing of a model in one of Philadelphia’s wealthy Main Line suburbs.

According to the Lower Merion Township police and the Montgomery County prosecutor, 30-year-old Jonathon Wesley Harris was apprehended as he exited a bus in Pittsburgh.

Harris, who has relatives in Philadelphia, was charged with murder in the first, second and third-degree, along with robbery, theft and other crimes in the murder of 36-year-old Christina Carlin-Kraft in Ardmore on August 22nd.

Authorities said Kraft took a ride-hailing service to Philadelphia, met Harris and the two later went back to her apartment, where she had moved the week prior, ABC6 reports.

Police said a tipster told them about the suspect after surveillance photos were published.

Jonathon Wesley Harris (allegedly seen right in surveillance footage) was charged with the August 22nd murder of Christina Kraft (left)

The source indicated that Harris had told him that he had just met a woman and was at her apartment on August 22nd.

Kraft’s remains were discovered in her bloodstained bedroom that night after officers went to carry out a welfare check. An autopsy revealed that her nose was broken and she died of strangulation.

CBS reported that Harris texted his friend and said: “I met this sexy a** white b**** at her house in Ardmore now.”

The message was sent just before 3 am the following morning.

He is believed to be the man who was recorded entering her apartment hours before she was discovered dead but was never captured leaving the residence on camera.

Police said Harris had been released from the State Correctional Institution-Greene last month.

Court records revealed that he was serving time for drug and robbery convictions.

Kraft’s portfolio includes modeling for Vanity Fair, Victoria’s Secret, Playboy, and Maxim.

Kraft’s funeral took place on Wednesday in New Jersey.

The woman was brutally murdered four days after being burgled by Andre Melton.

On August 17th, the woman went out and “blacked out” after she drank an espresso martini at the Sofitel hotel.

The following day, she was “extremely sick” after she woke up in the same clothing she was wearing the night before.

She knew she “did not give anyone permission to enter her residence or take her property,” Melton’s arrest warrant stated.

Surveillance video from August 18th showed the model unsteady on her feet and being held up by a man as she walked to her apartment.

The video, according to investigators, showed her falling but being picked up and placed into the elevator to go to her apartment.

The man was then recorded leaving with a box of items.

Melton was charged with criminal trespassing, theft, and receiving stolen property when Kraft’s designer good and jewelry were found on his property. He has not been charged in her death.

Kraft’s father told DailyMail.com: “She was happy-go-lucky, she loved life.

“She loved to be around people and enjoy herself and that’s what I think occurred. I think somebody saw her happiness and took advantage.”

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