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South Carolina woman poisoned husband using eyedrops in water: Cops

September 4, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
South Carolina woman poisoned husband using eyedrops in water: Cops

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South Carolina Police charge Lana Clayton with poisoning her husband with eye drops

South Carolina authorities have charged a woman with murder after killing her husband by placing eye drops into his water over the course of several days.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said 52-year-old Lana Clayton confessed to investigators to poisoning her husband.

Officers discovered the body of her husband identified as 64-year-old Stephen Clayton was found dead in the couple’s Clover home on July 21st, according to the News and Observer.

The victim was discovered in the foyer of their home in what cops initially believed was an apparent fall down the stairs.

Lana and Steven Clayton (Source: Good Morning America)

However, the woman confessed to the crime after autopsy results uncovered a high amount of tetrahydrozoline, a derivative found in over-the-counter eye drops such as Visine

Investigators have yet to provide a motive for the alleged poisoning or reveal details how the victim fell ill.

The woman has also been charged with malicious tampering with a food or drug product.

Records did not indicate if she has hired an attorney who could comment on the charges.

Ken Sanford, a friend of the couple expressed his dismay over the arrest and confession of Lana Clayton.

“I’m in shock, just stunned,” Sanford said. “She seemed like a sweet lady and Steven was very proud of her accomplishments.”

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