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Texas authorities arrest MS-13 gang members for multiple slayings in the Houston area

September 6, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas authorities arrest MS-13 gang members for multiple slayings in the Houston area

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Texas authorities arrest MS-13 gang members for multiple slayings in the Houston area

Texas authorities arrested eleven MS-13 gang members for multiple slayings in the Houston-area.

Law enforcement officials say among those arrested included four of the gang members accused of hacking a confidential informant for the Houston Police Department to death with a machete, KHOU reported.

The horrific slaying took place back in June in a public park.

According to the Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel’s website, the four gang members took turns hqcking Victor Castro Martinez, 25, to death with a machete. Martinez was wired with a recording device for the Houston Police Department at the time he was killed.

Houston detectives apprehended 33-year-old Miguel Aguilar-Ochoa, 22-year-old Wilson J. Ventura-Mejia, 19-year-old Marlon A. Miranda, and 18-year-old Carlos Elias Henriquez-Torres. All of the suspects have been charged for their roles in the killing of the informant. All four of the suspects are MS-13 members and are natives of El Salvador.

In early June, Martinez informed a Houston officer that an MS-13 member contacted him and was coming to his apartment to meet with another member. He called to the two members as “Chinki” and “Darki,” according to ABC13 citing the criminal complaint.

The officer watched and photographed three MS-13 members known as Chinki, “Discreto,” and “Kalin” as they walked into the informant’s apartment just before 1:30 p.m.

After a couple of hours, the informant left the apartment and met with the officer. He identified the gangsters from the pictures captured by the officer.

The officer then equipped Martinez with a recording device. Another investigator said he had previous contact with Kalin and that he was a suspect in a murder case.

The officers watched Kalin go back to Martinez’s residence at approximately 8 p.m. Thirty minutes later, the officer saw Martinez leaving in a vehicle with multiple people inside.

About 10:15 p.m., the officer received a text from Martinez sharing his whereabouts at Cullen Park in Houston. The officer did not hear from Martinez again.

Authorities launched a search effort in Cullen Park the next morning and discovered Martinez’s body. Martinez suffered multiple blows to the head and neck from a machete-like weapon.

The recording mechanism was still attached to Martinez when he was located. Police listened to the device and heard Martinez talking with people inside the car.

One of the people told Martinez they were going to “jump in” new MS-13 members.

Detectives used phone records and other intelligence techniques to locate the suspects.

An interview with an individual who was at the scene said that “Callado,” Discreto, and Darki used a machete to stab Martinez multiple times until he was killed.

After the suspects were arrested, detectives identified Ventura-Mejia as Discreto; Aguilar–Ochoa as Darki; and Mirando-Moran as Chinki.

Authorities later identified Kalin as Henriquez-Torrez.

On Tuesday, Houston Police investigators revealed the arrests of 11 MS-13 gangsters tied to five homicides that took place in Houston over the last three months.

The slaying of Martinez was the first of these killings, according to Click2Houston.

The second murder took place on July 3rd in Liberty County, where a man was brought to a wooded area and was hit with a bat and then hacked to death with a machete after declaring he wanted to leave the gang. Walter Mejia and Villalobez-Gomez were charged in this case.

The third murder investigation was launched on August 1st after the remains of a man were discovered buried in a field after he was killed in Galveston.

The fourth murder occurred on August 4th at La Union Restaurant, where a man was shot and killed in the parking lot after getting into an altercation with several people.

Jairo Licona-Cardenas, Elida Medrano and a minor were charged with the slaying. An arrest warrant has been filed for a fourth person in this case, but police have not revealed any additional details.

The fifth murder investigation began on August 30, after a girl was discovered dead at the same Fuqua Street location where the man’s body was located on August 1st. Authorities said the girl was not affiliated with the gang and was missing since May.

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