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Recently captured Gulf Cartel commander stabbed to death in Mexican prison

September 7, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Recently captured Gulf Cartel commander stabbed to death in Mexican prison

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A recently captured top Gulf Cartel figure was killed after three inmates stabbed him multiple times at a prison in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas.

Law enforcement officials said Hector Adrian “La Yegua” Lucio Benavidez died Monday as he left the prison infirmary and was attacked by three inmates.

Mexican authorities described Lucio as a leading cartel figure responsible for various high-profile abductions, murders, fuel theft, drug distribution, and human smuggling.

In late August, officials with the Nuevo Leon State Investigations Agency apprehended Lucio Benavides in Monterrey and transferred him into the custody of Tamaulipas authorities for prosecution on charges linked to cartel kidnappings.

La Yegua” or “El Peco” was captured on August 24 in Monterrey, where he was transferred to the Altamira prison where he was killed by inmates

Days after being placed behind bars in Altamira, Lucio was killed by three inmates.

As the victim was being accompanied by a guard back to his cell, one of three prisoners attacked the guard while the rest held down Lucio and stabbed him with makeshift shanks.

Police arrested the three suspects and charged them with murder, according to local reports.

La Yegua was behind a failed kidnapping in the Guadalupe area of Monterrey, which intensified into a large-scale firefight.

The Gulf Cartel capo sent a crew of roughly 15 men to abduct a businessman as he was eating at a restaurant.

The kidnapping went awry when the gunmen began shooting at passing police, triggering a call for backup.

After a full-scale gun battle, state authorities managed arrested 13 of the cartel men–but a judge later let them go free.

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