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Ex-con allegedly stabbed wife 50 times before calling father of victim’s child to gloat

September 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Ex-con allegedly stabbed wife 50 times before calling father of victim’s child to gloat

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Ex-convict Virgil Solis allegedly stabbed wife 50 times before calling the father of victim’s child to gloat

On Monday, an ex-con from the Bronx, New York allegedly disemboweled his wife before he calmly contacted his parole officer to report the slaying — and then called the father of his victim’s child to brag about it.

“Go get your daughter — I killed her mother,’’ Virgil Solis, 58, reportedly told his wife’s ex.

“[Solis] kept calling’’ telling him, “I’m coming to the funeral’’ — even as he was at the precinct talking to officers, the victim’s friend, Sasha, 54, told The New York Post.

In another call to his parole officer, Solis also confessed, “I killed my wife. Come get her,” according to a law enforcement source.

The crazed man was still being supervised by the state Department of Corrections after he served 18 years behind bars for a violent assault when he stabbed his wife, Valerie, 53, inside her Tremont apartment back in 1998.

Another person in the building heard Solis attacking his wife and dialed 911 just before 10:30 a.m.

Responding officers found Valerie inside the seventh-floor apartment with a severe stab wound to her stomach and she was pronounced dead at the scene. She had also been disemboweled.

However, her murderer was nowhere in sight.

He was ultimately busted by authorities that evening in downtown Manhattan.

According to state Corrections and Community Supervision records, Virgil Solis had been arrested on numerous occasions for assault.

He served at least 18 years after police caught him beating up a woman who refused to have sex with him. He hit and choked the victim and was subsequently arrested for rape, assault, and aggravated sex abuse — although he was only found guilty of first-degree assault.

At one point while he was serving time behind bars, he ended up in a mental facility, according to sources.

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