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VIDEO: Federal authorities in Mexico busted staging rescue of child in landfill

September 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
VIDEO: Federal authorities in Mexico busted staging rescue of child in landfill

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Federal authorities in Mexico were exposed for staging footage of the rescue of an 11-month-old from a landfill in Nuevo Leon.

While the clip shows federal officers running toward the crying child and wrapping her in a blanket, state officials acknowledged that the infant was originally discovered by a group of civilians who then contacted authorities.

The case was launched on August 30th in San Luis Potosi when Macarena Marquez Gomez, 58, left her home to bring her 11-month-old granddaughter, Mya Fernanda Reynaga Parra, to a daycare in Rio Verde.

The woman and child went missing before they could arrive at the daycare, which resulted in the launch of a missing person case and an AMBER alert throughout the country, according to reports.

Three days later, law enforcement recovered the remains of Marquez Gomez–who was stabbed to death.

The discovery of the woman’s body led to public outrage, with increased pressure being placed on police to locate the missing baby.

On September 5th, officials announced that they found the infant and released footage on social media with the hashtag #PFContigo, which translates to “federal police with you.”

Soon after the video was published online, the Attorney General for San Luis Potosi, Federico Garza Herrera, released a statement claiming that local citizens found the child and they were able to help manage the scene until police arrived.

Garza said his office was not investigating whether Federal Police staged the footage and explained that internal affairs for that agency would ultimately verify or discredit the video.

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