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Mexican authorities arrest “dangerous” drug cartel hitman involved in illegal fishing rackets

September 14, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Mexican authorities arrest “dangerous” drug cartel hitman involved in illegal fishing rackets

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Authorities in the Mexican state of Baja California arrested a drug cartel hitman who also allegedly led illegal vaquita porpoise-harvesting operations that resulted in the critical endangerment of the rare porpoise.

Baja California authorities identified the suspect as Oscar “N” known by his alias, “El Parra,” one of the state’s most wanted objectives.

The dangerous sicario and presumed drug trafficker was arrested by the State Preventive Police (PEP) during a special operation Thursday on a road just outside of San Felipe, Mexicali, local media reported.

Law enforcement officials say “El Parra” allegedly leads a group allied with the Sinaloa drug cartel.

The drug cartel operative was captured with two bodyguards.

Additionally, authorities also seized drugs including 50 grams of methamphetamine and a large amount of high-caliber assault rifles during the operation.

“El Parra” had an outstanding warrant for homicide, according to local reports.

Vaquitas have been decimated by nets set for the totoaba fish, whose swim bladder is considered a delicacy in China and requires high prices. Criminals equipped with go-fast boats and apparently allied with drug cartels illegally poach and sell the bladders.

Wildlife officials in the U.S. and Mexico say less than 30 critically endangered vaquitas remain in the Gulf of California, the only place they live.

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