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Russian fugitive sought in the US arrested during raid on Mexican border city fentanyl lab

September 15, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Russian fugitive sought in the US arrested during raid on Mexican border city fentanyl lab

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Mexican authorities arrested a Russian fugitive following a raid on an active fentanyl lab in Mexicali, Baja California.

The raid on the fentanyl lab came as a result of a continuing investigation by the State Preventive Police (PEP) that was ongoing for at least six months.

Mexicali is located on the border directly across from Calexico, California.

The bust in the San Marcos section of Mexicali led to the arrests of two suspects–50-year-old Iván Arredondo Ramírez, from Caborca, Sonora; and 48-year-old Anton Petrov Kulkini, according to local reports.

The Russian National being sought after U.S. authorities. A total of 20,000 fentanyl tablets were seized along with equipment and chemical precursors.

Fentanyl is considered a “synthetic heroin” and is partly responsible opioid overdose crisis in the U.S. Officials of the Preventive State Police transferred the drug lab case to the Federal Attorney General’s Office.

The drugs were ultimately destined for the United States as part of an international trafficking ring.

The two suspects were handed over to the Federal Public Ministry to face charges and to ascertain the immigration status of Kulkini, a fugitive sought by U.S. federal authorities.

According to officials, the operation was part of “Cruzada por la Seguridad, tarea de todos” (“Crusade for Security, everyone’s task”), which is an initiative launched by Baja California Governor Francisco Arturo Vega de Lamadrid.

During a news conference, State Attorney General Perla del Socorro Ibarra disputed that Baja California has become a generator of illegal drugs despite the recent lab discoveries and other seizures.

At the end of last month, Mexican authorities secured the seizure of 350-pounds of meth at a lab in Tijuana.

On August 25th, the Mexican Navy located a meth lab with four tons of drugs in Tecate, right across the border from Jacumba Hot Springs, California.

In mid-August, the Mexican Army executed two different seizures, confiscating 2,700 pounds of illegal drugs in Ensenada.

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