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New details surface on arrest of ‘Bachelor’ star Amanda Stanton for domestic violence

September 19, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
New details surface on arrest of ‘Bachelor’ star Amanda Stanton for domestic violence

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Nevada authorities released new information on the arrest of “Bachelor” franchise star Amanda Stanton since she was charged in connection with a domestic violence incident last week in Las Vegas.

Court records obtained by US Weekly indicated that Stanton’s boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs, alleged that he was sleeping when his girlfriend walked into the hotel room at approximately 11 p.m.

Stanton, who had just come back from the “Magic Mike” show, reportedly yelled at her boyfriend for not answering her calls or texts while she was out.

Jacobs then maintained that Stanton started “to hit him while he was laying in bed,” which led to an altercation that went on for hours.

After their spat, Stanton’s boyfriend said that he called her friends into the room. However, they soon left after they thought Stanton was sleeping.

But that wasn’t the conclusion of the couple’s dispute.

As soon as Stanton’s friends left, the two started to fight again, at which point the 28-year-old, mom of two, “swung” the room’s phone at him. After that, Jacobs alleges that his girlfriend continued to be physical and tried to kick him before she fell.

When Stanton fell, her boyfriend said that he held her down to stop her from swinging him. But despite being held to the ground, Jacobs said that she “continued to scratch and pinch” on his “arms and body.” He then got Stanton’s friends involved again, who called hotel security.

In opposition to Jacob’s account of what occurred after Stanton fell, the “Bachelor” star claimed in court documents that the man “pinned her down,” and she was “begging him to let her up.” She also said that she only pinched him “to get free.”

Steve Honig, a rep for Stanton, announced in a statement that “Amanda is embarrassed and ashamed and apologizes to hotel security and the Las Vegas Police.

“Amanda is a gentle, respectful person who has never gotten physical with anyone,” Honig added. “She had a few drinks at a bachelorette party and when hotel security asked her and Bobby to quiet down, she got rambunctious.”

The actress maintained that she “gave Bobby what she thought was a playful shove,” according to her rep, despite her boyfriend telling authorities it wasn’t “ill-intended.”

Amanda Stanton was a star in season 20 of “The Bachelor,” competing for Ben Higgins’ heart. She made it to a final four before she was eliminated.

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