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Foul-mouthed Florida convict gets 20 years after threatening judge: VIDEO

October 1, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Foul-mouthed Florida convict gets 20 years after threatening judge: VIDEO

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Judge sentences Alan McCarty Jr. to 20 years after a string of wild court outbursts

A belligerent convict who threatened to kill a Florida judge was sentenced to 20 years behind bars – along with an additional ten days for a string of wild outbursts that almost caused his mouth to be duct-taped shut in court.

Alan McCarty Jr. was convicted in August of threatening to murder Circuit Judge Stasia Warren after she ruled against him in a child custody matter.

On Wednesday, Circuit Judge Matt Foxman said that the 36-year-old McCarty also threatened the unborn child of a prosecutor, causing the vulgar convict to explode in the courtroom, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

“What a bunch of f–king lies, you piece of s–t,” McCarty shouted at Foxman, who earlier threatened to tape the man’s mouth shut for his outbursts during his trial. “You threatened my life … F—k you.”

Foxman then ordered officers to escort McCarty out of the courtroom, as he yelled profanities and racial slurs at the judge and an assistant state attorney.

Judge Matthew Foxman (left) and Alan McCarty Jr.

McCarty was forced to spend the rest of his sentencing hearing in another room where he viewed the proceeding through one-way glass, the same place where he spent a majority of his trial.

The defendant also insulted and yelled at his public defender, Ryan Belanger, swearing at him in court. Belanger stated that McCarty’s mother wanted to apologize for her son’s actions, but refused to speak on Wednesday.

Foxman also mentioned McCarty’s previous offer to carry out oral sex on him as the reason for an extra ten-day sentence he was given.

“You offered me to perform a sex act upon you, which I declined and still do this day for whatever that’s worth,” Foxman said to McCarty.

Foxman warned the crazed man in August that he would tape his mouth closed after several profanity-laced interruptions in court, leading McCarty to claim he wouldn’t be able to breathe because he has asthma.

“I’m in fear of you,” McCarty said to Foxman in August. “I’m in fear right now and want to be removed.”

State attorney R.J. Larizza announced in a statement that the 20-year prison stint will provide McCarty with “ample time” to think about the nature of his threats against Warren and the judicial system.

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