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California man bitten by lion after breaking into Fresno zoo: Cops

October 1, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
California man bitten by lion after breaking into Fresno zoo: Cops

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California man gets bitten by a lion after breaking into a Fresno Zoo: Cops

A lion assisted California officials in apprehending an idiotic trespasser who attempted to enter her lair this week, slowing the man down with a bite to his big toe.

Last Wednesday, 38-year-old Julio Mendez made his way into the Chaffee Zoo in Central Fresno after 11 p.m. — but it wasn’t long before he was busted, Lieutenant Jennifer Horsford of the Fresno Police Department told ABC 30 Action News in an interview.

“He had to jump over a fence that has a no trespassing sign and had to climb over the barbed wire on top of it to get into the zoo,” Horsford said.

Security officials soon saw him walked through the African Adventure area — so he fled and tried to climb an 18-foot high mesh to flee.

Abruptly, a female lion in the exhibit stood up and bit the intruder’s left big toe.

“They are incredibly strong and dangerous,” Zoo Director Scott Barton said. “They have of course claws and massive canine teeth, and so this person got lucky about the injuries they received.”

Two female lions were inside the exhibit, but it isn’t clear which munched on Mendez’s foot.

A veterinarian examined both of the lions because Mendez was high on drugs.

Security personnel is examining footage from 50 different cameras to examine the zoo’s security procedures more closely, Barton added

“We have a professional and well-trained team and this was brought about by human behavior, not by animal behavior,” he noted.

Authorities found drug paraphernalia on them and told the station that he will be charged with trespassing.

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