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2018 arrests of MS-13 gang members on the border up 50 percent

October 2, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
2018 arrests of MS-13 gang members on the border up 50 percent

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The number of members affiliated with the ultra-violent MS-13 gang who have been arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents rose almost 50% so far this year compared to Fiscal Year 2017.

The number of 18th Street gang members apprehended close have doubled from the previous year.

With one month left in the reporting period for Fiscal Year 2018, Border Patrol officials arrested 377 members of the hyperviolent transnational MS-13 gang.

The arrests signify an increase of 47.8% over the total number apprehended in Fiscal Year 2017, Breitbart Texas reported.

The 377 MS-13 gang members arrested this year is the highest number since Fiscal Year 2014 when 437 were taken into custody.

Along with MS-13 gang members, Border Patrol agents also arrested 126 18th Street gang member after they illegally entered the United States from Mexico or were otherwise encountered by agents, CBP officials revealed.

That number is over double the total amount of arrests of 18th Street members in all of FY2017 (which was 61). The arrests of 18th Street gang members by Border Patrol agents so far this year is the most significant number in the five-year reporting time frame.

In sum, Border Patrol agents successfully intercepted 728 gang members from entering the United States this fiscal year. This is an increase from 536 in all of FY 2017.

Other criminal groups with large numbers of arrests this year are the Paisas (58) and Sureños (57).

The rising number of gang-related arrests by Border Patrol agents is in contrast to the total amount of criminal aliens arrested at or near the border during the same period.

The number of criminal immigrants arrested decreased from its peak in 12,842 in FY2016 to 8,531 in FY2017 and then to 6,259 so far this year.

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