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Cartel war causes record homicide rate in Mexican border city of Tijuana

October 2, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Cartel war causes record homicide rate in Mexican border city of Tijuana

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The cartel war escalating in the Mexican border city of Tijuana has resulted in 1,789 murders recorded as of September 19, surpassing last year’s totals of 1,781.

The record-breaking year continues despite Mexico City’s dispatch of military assets to the area back in February to suppress cartel violence.

The bloodshed is attributed to turf wars between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel allied with remnants of the Arellano Felix Organization, against the Sinaloa Cartel.

In several areas, rival groups within the Sinaloa Cartel are battling for control of the profitable street-level markets and smuggling territories into the U.S.

Those involved in the murders are generally low-level dealers, lookouts, consumers, and enforcers. Many of the street-level dealers are victims of rip-crews on the hunt for money and drugs.

One of the circumstances blamed in Tijuana is that only 8% of murder suspects are detained, the president of Fundación EduPaz, Francisco García Burgos revealed.

He said that the number of unsolved killings, combined with those responsible still on the streets, built an environment where locals are scared to report crimes due to reprisals.

According to local reports, of the first 132 murders that were registered in the city, police only made 11 arrests.

Cartels battling in the city have operated with complete impunity as shown last Thursday when gunmen began shooting from two vehicles against buildings that house the state attorney general’s homicide and forensics teams.

There were reportedly no injuries, but the shots caused damage to the building’s windows. Ministerial police were inside the building at the time of the incident.

A recent picture taken by photojournalist Gustavo Suárez of Frontera has been used among Mexican social media profiles to show the indifference some citizens feel due to the spiraling cartel violence.

The picture was taken at a taco stand in Colonia Murúa Martínez where a smiling family can is seen dining in the foreground during an active homicide scene.

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